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Guangdong Tobacco Tower

Project Detail
Completion: 2010 
Installed Power: 24KW
Location: Guangzhou, Guangdong
Area: 348m2 
Supporting and Fixing Method: Semi-Exposed and Semi-Hidden Frame

Module Technical Data
Module: 8mm Low Iron Solar Glass + PVB and Cell Layer + 8mm Low-E Glass + 16A + 6mm Glass + PVB + 6mm Glass
Module Size: 1048×(1500—1890)mm Parallelogram Module
Peak Power: 128Wp
Cell Type: 156×156mm Polycrystalline
Glass: Tempered, Heat Soak 
Transmittance: 35%—43%
Types of Connection: Junction Box on the side
Architects: Meinhardt (Hong Kong) Limited
Guangdong Tobacco Tower is the third tallest master piece in Guangzhou with 280 meters in height, 70 floors, 220 thousand square metes of the total construction area. According to the introduction by design company S.O.M that they adopted the environment protection concept—Zero Energy Consumption to the building in respect of outlook, material to structure, to save energy and to reduce the basic energy consumption to maximum, The architectural project has been conceived paying special attention to environmental impact and energy saving aspects. For this reason the building's functions will be regulated by centralized, mechanical systems that will exploit various renewable energy sources (solar, using photovoltaic cells and solar panels, and geothermal, using thermal exchange elements). Careful research was made to define the layering, the thickness and materials for thermal isolation of the building, Other energy saving solutions have also been adopted, such as a streamed-line design and respiratory glass curtain wall and displacement ventilation systems.