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Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Air Terminal

Project Detail
Completion Date: 2012
Installed Power: 61.8KW
Location: Mauritius, Africa
Area: 832m2
Supporting and Fixing Method: Exposed Frame

Module Technical Data
Module: 8mm Clear Low Iron Tempered Glass + PVB and Cell+8mm Clear Tempered Glass
Module Size: 1400x2250mm
Peak Power: 234Wp
Cell Type: 125x125mm Semi-transparent Monocrystalline
Glass: Tempered, Heat Soak
Transmittance: 50%
Types of Connection:Junction Box on the side

Architects: APDI

Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Air Terminal of Mauritius extension project, owned by Airport Terminal Operations Ltd (ATOL), includes a passenger terminal building, whose construction area is 56,000 square meters, compatible with an airside parking apron, a landside parking lot, the viaduct, a cooling station and an electric power station. The environmental features were incorporated from the very start, its varieties, its low carbon concept and characteristic(s), product uniqueness like rain water harvesting systems, variously colored flowers or decorative fruit clusters, a wall of water and whether it is easy to use, all displaying the latest in sustainable design, material, process and technology, being intimately related to the concept of the sustainable future of Mauritius island where great achievements can be done in harmony with nature.