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Samba Bank Tower

Project Detail
Completion Date: 2013
Installed Power: 129KW
Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Supporting and Fixing Method: Hidden Frame
Module Technical Data
Module: 5mm Low Iron Tempered Glass + PVB and Cell Layer +5mm Tempered Glass
Module Size: 1650×880mm
Peak Power: 185Wp
Cell Type: 125×125mm Monocrystalline
Glass: Tempered, Heat Soak
Transmittance: 53%, 57%
Types of Connection: Junction Box on the back

Architect: Forster+Partner

Samba Financial Group (formerly known as The Saudi American Bank), is a large banking firm in Saudi Arabia. The combined institution had 66 branches in the Kingdom. The tower will be built, consisting of 42loors, within the facilities of the King  Abdullah Financial District north of the capital Riyadh, that occupies a built-up area of the project is 110 thousand square meters,The tower, "Samba" will be one of the towers located at the King Abdullah Financial District, which also houses the headquarters of the Capital Market Authority (CMA) and the Stock Exchange, by which Saudi arabia is ambitious to establish Riyadh as the Top 10 financial center in the world.
There are 700pcs of FenYI BIPV and PVT solar modules dotted on the top side of the tower with installed volume of 129KW,the electricity generated would be estimated 190Mwh under advantageous irradiation conditions and grid-connected to provide the power to the building management systems, all of which would massively reflects people’s common pursuit of eco-friendly, low carbon life and work concept. The building itself would be approved by USGBC with LEED certificate.